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Jeff Clayton

Jeff Clayton, Director of Engineering

Lincoln Property Company

EnergyDirect.com is a powerful online energy management tool that helps Lincoln Property Company manage and conserve electricity at various properties in our portfolio. Lincoln Property uses this innovative tool to monitor energy trends and provide immediate feedback to employees and tenant customers alike on their energy usage. The result: lower energy consumption. If you’re ready to better manage your own energy costs, start now at EnergyDirect.com.
Egas Gomes


Boost productivity and lower costs with an all-electric workplace.

With electricity you get reliable service and affordable energy. And we’ve got all kinds of ways to help you run your business more effi ciently, whether it’s indoor heating, outdoor lighting or electric cooking and water heating. So your workplace, and your bottom line, look a whole lot better. For more information on products and services that save you money, call 1-888-430-5787 or visit AlabamaPower.com.
Egas Gomes

Egas “EJ” Gomes

C.E.M.,Eglin AFB Energy Manager

As the energy manager for the Air Force’s largest installation, I would be lost without EnergyDirect. It’s my first alert to increased energy cost and consumption that might lead to overspending our pre-defined utilities budget. I’m also able to track the consumption of our largest surge energy consumer. Using EnergyDirect to view historic trends and forecast the following day’s energy pricing helped Eglin to save over $3.5M in one year.
Egas Gomes


When you cook with electricity, your kitchen stays cooler, keeping your staff more comfortable. And a more comfortable staff means a more productive staff. Plus, with electric cooking, you get faster preheat and recovery times. Not only that, cleaning an electric oven is easier and quicker. So switch to electric today. Your business will be cooking like never before.
For more information about the advantages of electric cooking, call 1-888-430-5787.
Ray Lockhart

Ray Lockhart

Alabama Department of Economic & Community Affairs- Energy Management Engineer, Energy Division

EnergyDirect provides the state essential data for establishing and monitoring a successful Energy Management Program. It’s a valuable management tool for our energy officers, accounting personnel and facility managers. The Interval Data capability provides a tool to analyze the energy consumption and demand for an account over a specified time frame. Initial account savings up to $50,000 have been documented.
Egas Gomes


Proper lighting can make your business a whole lot more attractive to customers. And a whole lot less attractive to criminals. Find out how easy and inexpensive it is to light up your surroundings with outdoor lighting solutions from Alabama Power.
For more information on products and services that save you money, call 1-888-430-5787 or visit us at AlabamaPower.com.
Matt Newman

Matt Newman

Hollywood Casino

As the facilities director for Hollywood Casino it is very important that we watch our utility budget closely every month. Energy Direct is a valuable tool that we use to accrue the correct billing for our accounting department. EnergyDirect also helps with our trending cost analysis for our month to month comparison.

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